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Feb 22, 2013 12:00am PST
.s. as we work together, we can stamp hunger out. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: ben harper has teamed up with master charlie musselwhite, for a new cd, titled "get up!," for the legendary stax label. it has been called cinematic in the storytelling, and it has his own brand of soaring harmonica, and to start, year is a collaboration of what this sounds like. ♪ believe a word you say i do not believe i don't believe a word you say i don't believe ♪ >> bringing something out that you would not otherwise have. tavis: ben, we are in our tent season on pbs. >> congratulations. tavis: and you have been on this program many times, and more than any other guest i have had on, you have been on because of collaborations that you went after, that you wanted to do, and they are the legends, the icons, the old-school guys who you have an appreciation for. why get into this? what is it about these old school caps that you are so drawn to? >> the heart and soul and the depth of musical inspiration that they have brought into my life, all of my li
Feb 5, 2013 7:00am EST
makes a family strong. chuck e. cheese's proudly supports pbs kids. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. ♪ every day when you're walking down the street ♪ ♪ everybody that you meet has an original point of view ♪ (laughing) ♪ and i say hey ♪ hey! ♪ what a wonderful kind of day ♪ ♪ if we could learn to work and play ♪ ♪ and get along with each other ♪ ♪ you got to listen to your heart, listen to the beat ♪ ♪ listen to the rhythm, the rhythm of the street ♪ ♪ open up your eyes open up your ears ♪ ♪ get together and make things better by working together ♪ ♪ it's a simple message and it comes from the heart ♪ ♪ oh, believe in yourself ♪ ♪ believe in yourself ♪ ♪ for that's the place to start ♪ ♪ place to start ♪ ♪ and i say, hey ♪ hey! hey! ♪ what a wonderful kind of day ♪ ♪ if we could learn to work and play ♪ ♪ and get along with each other ♪ hey! ♪ what a wonderful kind of day ♪ hey! ♪ what a wonderful kind of day. ♪ hey! ar
Feb 7, 2013 6:00am EST
before not anymore! hah-hah-hah heh-heh-heh ha-ha-ha-ha watch wild kratts! weekdays on pbs kids go! or anytime at p-b-s kids go dot org. "the electric company" is brought to you by... find your voice and share it, american greetings, proud sponsor of "the electric company." agreement from the u.s. department of education's ready to learn grant, and viewers like you, thank you. looks like we both have a lot of catching up to do. well, visit, where you can play a lot of games for your favorite characters, and win votes, too. well, go ahead, what are you waiting for? guys, i've been training -- i'm sorry. this is totally a blooper. (laughing) marcus... (laughter) wild kratts is made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. ♪ wild kratts chris: we're here off the coast of south america, in the caribbean sea. it's us, the kratt brothers. i'm chris. and i'm martin. most fish spend the beginning of their lives drifting out there on the open ocean, floating around as tiny, microscopic fish
Feb 28, 2013 3:00pm PST
... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> brown: the papacy of benedict the sixteenth officially ended today as he became the first pontiff in modern times to resign. on his last day, he spoke with the cardinals who will now turn to choosing his successor, amid continuing scandals and tensions within the vatican and wider church. we begin with our coverage with this report from james mates of "independent television news." >> reporter: looking a little frail, weary almost under the burdens of a tumultuous eight years in the holy see, pope benedict met his cardinals for a final time. in the magnificent surroundings of the vatican's clementine room, he thanked them and recognized that one of those now applauding will soon be in his place. "among you," he said, "there is the future pope to whom already today and i promise my unconditional reverence and obedience." he said a personal farewell to each cardinal, among them peter turksen of ghana who many believe may be the first black po
Feb 25, 2013 11:00pm PST
tomorrow night on pbs. joining me now two women featured in the fill, gloria steinem, she is an icon and a legend in the women's movement. also next generation feminist amy richards. i'm pleased to have both of them at this table. welcome. >> thank you. >> rose: great to see you. >> thank you. >> rose: so what question does this film answer? >> well, i would say there are two things, the past. >> rose: yeah. >> and history. and we have been half of the past. and 1% of history. so this is the other half of history. i mean it's not just women's history, it's history. >> rose: do you have a sense that the 21st century is a century for women? >> no, i definitely think so and hope so but of course it does depend on what we do every day. it's not automatic. but i think what is happening now in the second half of the women's movement because they have to last a century, you know to be permanent is that we are gunning to understand the connections. we're beginning to understand that you can't perpetuate racism without controlling reproduction and that means more discrimination against women.
Feb 4, 2013 11:30pm EST
warriorshe was made possible mission announcer: by contributions to your pbs station from: orled, "the first fourth of july." i have this party every year on the fourth of july, and i think it will be great when my friends come in and they'll be able to see that painting just as they walk in the front door. i thought, "ooh, my goodness, "i think i have a little treasure here. "i'm not going to say anything to anybody. i'm just going to bid on it." sold, $60, to you, buyer 229. buyer: i was very happy with the price, but i would have bought it at any cost. i purchased the 19th-century elephant garden stool. i love garden stools; i think they're beautiful. today they're mass-produced and it's hard to find some that are a little bit older. i love the colors, i love the shape, i love the condition that it was in. i think it would be beautiful in between two chairs or at the end of the sofa. i got it for $150, and i thought that was a very fair price, and it's either going to stay with me or it's going to move on to another home and it's going to be beautiful. what a lovely set of luggage. these
Feb 18, 2013 11:30pm EST
turn to pbs for by contributions to yr pbs station from: sthe items i purchased was a pastel of trouts. it's oval with a lovely frame that has a beautiful wood burl. to me, it seems like it had to be in an antique shop. i am getting ready to open a new shop, and i want to make a point for it to appeal to men as well as to women. fish definitely work for men, as a rule. i s apve hrypy with the price i got. sold $130 on my left, buyer 203, 203. i purchased a number of things. one thing i really like is this very cool silver-nickel stocking form. i went online to do some research and get a feel for pricing, and just really couldn't find anything like it. i would hang it on a wall, but what i intend to do is resell it. often, the more traditional items sell well here, and some of the funkier stuff doesn't always get as many bids, but i think i'll do well with it. it's a sweet little miniature basket. it's 20th century, it's really nice, well designed. look at the swirled kind of design on that top cover. it's kind of like almost bent around a little bit. it fans out like a sun ray. it's re
Feb 11, 2013 4:00pm PST
negotiations, etc. and pbs has a new document documentary front line called "cliff-hanger," and they cover this. michael kirk, who wrote produced and directed "cliff-hanger." michael, when we talk about the fiscal cliff negotiations, what did we learn from those in regards to how president obama will handle negotiations in his second term? >> well, the first go around back in the summer of 2011 he and john boehner went behind closed doors met in secret, cooked up what became known as the grand bargain. he had given entitlement cuts, boehner would find $800 million in revenue and that worked well until joe biden maybe accidentlily told eric cantor the number two republican and the bile rival with boehner that they were holding negotiations, and he didn't like that. they pushed everything down at the election creating at the time the fiscal cliff which was as one person in our film called a suicide event strapped on to the economy and waiting to be detonated. after the election obama sits down with boehner. they wait until the middle of december because obama has been slow walking boehner's propo
Feb 7, 2013 3:35am EST
pbs station from viewers like you. attenborough: for me, as for countless others, the natural world is the greatest of all treasures, and yet in my lifetime we have damaged it more severely than in the whole of the rest of human history. indeed, significant parts of it now are in danger of total destruction. when i first came to borneo in 1956, the rainforest stretched unbroken on either side of the river for hundreds of miles. today, it's very different. just beyond the trees lining the river bank, there is nothing but oil palm plantations, and the forest and all the rich variety of animals and plants that it had once contained, has been destroyed. and yet, as we have transformed the natural world, so our attitudes towards it have changed fundamentally. again and again, i have seen the impoverishment and desolation caused by the way we have ruthlessly taken what we want from the land, no matter what the cost. but i have also seen how the natural world, given just the slightest chance, can manage to survive. and i have met the far-sighted and dedicated conservationists who've labore
Feb 28, 2013 12:00pm PST
and new ideas through programs like this, made available for everyone through contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. dr. joel fuhrman is a board-certified physician whose groundbreaking work has been acclaimed as a medical breakthrough for weight loss, disease reversal and prevention. the american diet today has 62% of calories from processed foods. how many of you would like a promise that you don't have to have a heart attack when you get older? he's a new york times bestselling author and a widely published nutritional researcher. and i see people putting this into practice every day, transforming their lives. never forget that your health is your greatest wealth. join dr. joel fuhrman now and learn the "3 steps to incredible health!" welcome, welcome. i'm so excited to be here and have the opportunity to teach you how to achieve incredible health! i'm dr. joel fuhrman. i'm a board-certified family physician, nutritional researcher, and my life's work is nutritional science and i have a promise, a promise that you can lose weight as fast or faster than gastric bypas
Feb 25, 2013 7:00am PST
a certain way. >>> in a new pbs documentary, samberg says women have a long way to go but also do men. >> my brother-in-law once said he was baby sitting. i said, dude you're not baby sitting. you're the father. that's called fathering, parenting. that's not baby sitting. we need to live in a world where men do half women do half. >> facebook's chief operating officer wants to start a movement called lean in. some of the details were revealed last week by jodie cab tore of "the new york times." jodie, good morning. >> good morning. we should say this book is not out yet so people will have the opportunity to read it. what is cheryl sandberg trying to do? >> if you look at the fortune 500, only 21 ceos are female. so she wants to address that problem. she's telling women to lean in. if you want to understand her ideas, a very good preview is the ted talk she gave a year or two on this and her book will be out march 11. she basically wants women to become more aggressive and savvier about navigating the workplace. >> i think the issue is for many years it's been goi
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)